Pirates Ye Be Warned

It looks like my site got beaten with an ugly stick. I seriously have so much better-looking layouts (for example) but this one just seems to fit all the crap I want to put up. The two-column layouts are beautiful and centered. Mine's all kinds of ugly.

Added the ability to set the date format to a few different choices today, so that if you want a simplified date that's entirely possible.

Added Categories for blog posts also, along with a shard to allow you to view them by each category (obviously you can also click the category link under each blog).

I hope to get started on a better image managemnet program. The galleries on this site are currently thumbnailed with a Mono program, which is probably more than the average user would want to try to install.

Watched some of the Orange Bowl at Michelle's coworker's house on the bay. Ran with Buzzle at the park through extremely dense fog. The truck is coated in dewdrops. It's more like a thick layer of water that's constantly on the vehicles.