Stovetop Espresso

moka In Italy, the most popular way to brew coffee is by using a Moka pot. They come in various sizes, but all work the same way: water is boiled in the lower chamber until sufficient pressure builds up and forces the water up a tube, through the coffee grounds, and into the top chamber, where you later pour it from.

They're economical and reliable, requiring only an external heat source, which could be your electric or gas range, or even your campfire. Apparently the rubber seals that join the upper and lower chamber require semi-frequent replacement, though.

In the US they're marketed as stovetop espresso makers, though you're not really getting true espresso (only high pressure steam touches the grounds there). It does make awesome coffee though, and the pressure helps extract more of the flavor than our common gravity-powered drip makers do.

I saw the Trivsel espresso pot at IKEA and Michelle recommended picking it up. It looks a lot like the Bialetti stove top sold on Amazon. It's stainless steel and comes with 2 rubber replacement seals.

I've used it a few times already and really like it, as it tends to add new flavors to the grounds I've been using. I don't fill mine all the way and still end up with 3 or 4 little espresso cups. If you're a solo drinker, IKEA also has a 1-cup model for $5 (which I didn't see when I got mine).