Major Tom (Coming Home)

We got a taste of summer today. Walking across the asphalt to go grocery shopping, I felt that familiar warmth of summer. The sun warmed one cheek, the other, shaded, frosted over like Europa.\n\nIn the open, a little warmth is nice. In the house, it can get a little stuffy. We cracked the windows and waited for the sun to go down and equilibrium to set in.\n\nNow, as a near stagnant breeze pushes indolently at the blinds, Peter Schilling's Major Tom plays\n\n

\nStanding there alone
\nThe ship is waiting
\nAll systems are go
\nAre you sure?
\nControl is not convinced
\nBut the computer
\nHas the evidence
\nNo need to abort
\nThe countdown starts\n\nWatching in a trance
\nThe crew is certain
\nNothing left to chance
\nAll is working
\nTrying to relax
\nUp in the capsule
\nSend me up a drink
\nJokes Major Tom
\nThe count goes on\n\n4...3...2...1...
\nEarth below us
\nDrifting falling
\nFloating weightless
\nCalling calling home\n\n
\n It takes me back to a simpler time. 1983 to be precise.\n\n\n\n