A Free iPod Shuffle

ipod shuffleMichelle signed up for a couple CD's with NetBank last December. As part of the deal, we got a free iPod Shuffle. Granted, it's the crappiest iPod you can get, but it's more than worth the trouble you go through setting up an account. Of course, it did hurt a little that Apple reduced the price of the Shuffle to $69 during my wait for NetBank to ship my free one.\n\nAt one point, they were giving out iPod Minis. I wish NetBank (and all these other companies offering free iPods) would offer the Nano instead, as it's more in line with the Mini; in fact, it's cheaper than the Mini was when they were offering them.\n\nStill. Free iPod. Thanks, sweetie.\n\nThe NetBank iPod deal is over. Now they're offering $75 for new accounts, which is now more than the frickin' iPod is worth. Need a good, cheap, solid state memory MP3 player? You can get a Shuffle on Amazon for $66.\n\n