American Orient Express

Traveling by train, especially at your leisure, is a great way to experience motion. Last night on WSRE they had a show featuring the American Orient Express, which is some sort of luxury train that rolls on through amazing vistas. It's pricey of course, and I got the feeling from watching the show that I'd constantly want to jump out and walk around, which you can't do of course.\n\nIn the show, the train started out in Denver and followed the Colorado River for some 300 miles, which provided for awesome scenery. As it nears red rocks and greenage like that around Moab, it whips north and terminates in Yellowstone.\n\nMichelle and I had a great time just daydreaming out the oversized windows of the trains in France when we studied abroad. You could probably live in France for a month or two for the price of the American Orient Express, but it's a unique trip and the waiting list is pretty extensive.\n\nIf the train didn't have a history, the show would really come off more as a commercial than anything else. In between the narration of where they were going, they'd show clips of the service and meals you can get while on board.\n\n