Mullet Festival

When we moved here last year I was astounded to hear about this festival called the Mullet Festival. At first, hearing it mentioned on the radio, I figured it was some small redneck affair. But as the weeks went on more and more people around work expressed excitement. Apparently it's one of the year's top events. It was at this time that I learned it's mullet as in fish, not hairstyle. The fact that I could even think it was about hair didn't occur to anyone. I guess when you live by the ocean and hear mullet you just think fish.

Last year we missed the whole thing, didn't even drive past it the weekend it happened. Well, it was held again this weekend and I only realized this after trying to drive past the fairgrounds where they hold it. Apparently it's okay to park on the median of the highway and all over the side of the road for the stretch of road leading up to the fairgrounds. Traffic was already slowing when we made our way through the mess on our way to Destin.

Coming back was a nasty surprise. There was more gridlock than an Atlanta rush hour. We stood still for nearly 45 minutes, right next to the frickin waste plant. Have you ever waited in traffic and smelled human refuse? Excellent!

After making it past the worst of the traffic (which was due to people running red lights and blocking the intersection--thanks guys), I shifted into the right lane, only to realize 4 teens were walking in the road and not moving so I shifted back. I debated teaching them a little lesson but decided hey! it's the mullet festival! Once a year let the kids walk on the highway!.

On the bright side, Destin was a lot less crowded as that's where the inland folks flock to over the weekend when things like the Mullet Festival aren't happening.