Windy Sundays

Uncharacteristic winds have been blowing for the past week here. The clouds are moving fast, and at least once a day a dark one dumps rain on us, then moves on within minutes and the sun shines through.

I was sitting at the kitchen table and noticed a green lizard climbing through one of the Japanese maples outside the patio door. He had what appeared to be a spider or love bug in his mouth. I hope it was a love bug because those damn things are everywhere in Florida, and a spider would have helped reduce their stuck-together-at-the-ass numbers.

The lizard couldn't see me through the glass and so I was able to watch him chew the insect and then move stealthily up the tree for more food. I noticed that he would only move when the wind shook the tree, the moving leaves camoflauging his own motion. He made his way to the top of the little tree and watched for flying insects.

That little guy has to work so hard for his food, but he has all day to do it. Modern amenities allow me to focus on other stuff, like homework, yay.

Sipped a mint mocha frappuccino after watching the lizard. Enjoyed it as I browsed my mp3 library with iTunes. It has supplanted my use of the leaner Winamp despite its heavy-duty memory usage. I can see my music better, and the radio station browsing is nice. Plus, integrated CD burning and ripping and nice ID3 tagging features. Also, fast and live updating search feature in iTunes compares just as well with the Winamp jump-to feature. iTunes also has podcast support.

Last night we were standing in the kitchen and I looked down and saw a house spider on the kitchen floor, barely moving. Around it I saw ants, and I figured they had killed or were in the process of killing the spider. Upon closer inspection we noticed that they weren't ants at all, but baby spiders. I guess they had been on her abdomen and were getting off or something.