Joosay and the Fake Teeth

The other night we saw this catchy-as-hell commercial for Desperate Housewives where they take turns saying "Juicy", but pronounce it more like joo-say (you can hear on their website currently also). Michelle apparently filed this away overnight because this morning she kept singing that part of the song on the way to work.

It comes up throughout our day regularly now. Doing the dishes? Juicy. Doing homework? Juicy. Driving around town running errands? Joosay.

This afternoon Michelle had a dentist appointment to get her crown put on. As a "gift" they gave her the molds they used, which are mounted on a jaw-like piece of platic. What are you supposed to do with this? Michelle discovered it's fun to chew things, like my finger. Then I'd get fake angry and smack her "jaw" and send the teeth flying. She'd pout, reassemble them, and put lipstick around the edges. I would tell her those aren't lips. Things go on in this fashion.