Hurricane Katrina

A couple days ago we were in the projected path. It's nice to be out, yet we're still close enough that work and school are cancelled tomorrow. We could have extended our stay in Atlanta, but whatever.

Already quite a few gas pump nozzles have little yellow bags of death on them. We're all going to be scrounging around for gas in the next few days and maybe weeks (like after Dennis). Plus, people freak out and get into the habit of stopping for gas every 2 seconds, and also filling up additional tanks, depleting any shipments that much faster. The people in Louisiana have bigger problems, but still this whole region feels like a war zone sometimes. Low supplies, debris that lasts year round, emergency crews shuttling in and out every few weeks, tons of out-of-state roofers and tree cutters driving around.

Of course, the fall and winter and spring are great. I'm guessing it'll just be the summers that suck.