UF and Differences in Colleges and Universities

So when I applied to UF I had to mark myself as a Florida resident or not. If you qualify as a resident you have to check a few boxes indicating which qualify you as a resident. Most of the boxes have to do with living in FL for one year, being in the armed services, or being married to someone who has lived here for a year. As none applied to me at the time I put myself down as non-resident. I called and made sure I could get reclassified a month or so before classes started, when all my documents would show I had been here a year.

So it's that time now. I sent my proof in 3 weeks ago and now they're telling me the approval process takes 6 weeks. That's dangerously close to the start of classes, and the Air Force is expecting to pay in-state rates for me.

Seriously, how can it take 6 weeks to examine a 2-page fax with mainly pictures of documents on it?

Meanwhile, Michelle had hers processed within 24 hours at FSU.

Compound this with the fact that UF's online student info and registration system sucks and I so far have nothing good to say about this university.