Intelligent Design and Course Curriculum

Public schools in Odessa TX offer a course that covers intelligent design. Various religious scholars have even found the course book riddled with sweeping errors, false dates, and incorrect spellings. The NY Times has details if you log in.

Among others, the book presents the idea that the Bible is the foundation for the Constitution and that NASA has evidence that the earth stopped its rotation twice (from the Bible's Joshua and II Kings), then fired back up again. The way it's written in the books is more along the lines of NASA finding that two days are missing from history; time stood still.

A few religious area locals are cited as "scientific authorities" within the text. The kids don't know.

Bush unsurprisingly supports this (even ignoring his own advisor), claiming kids "ought to be properly taught". The ID movement claims to be agnostic as to who the intelligent creature is, but surely an alien on Mars with a penchant for bioengineering wouldn't qualify.

Teaching it is certainly fine. But doing so under the guise of science--which must provide falsifiable hypotheses, somethign ID does not--is wrong.