A52 Magnet Commercial for Nike

A52's Magnet commercial is one of the coolest commercials I've ever seen--and I'm not the only one. No voices, just Lance Armstrong riding through awesome scenery and a compelling soundtrack. It debuted before the 2004 Tour de France, even appearing before some movies in theaters (that's where I first saw it).

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm merely a slave to media, often influenced by movies, songs, commercials, you name it. If I watch Friends, I am Chandler. If I watch Young Guns II, I do want to make you famous. It should come as no surprise then that I feel the need to ride immediately after viewing this commercial.

Nike doesn't host the video anymore, but you can find it at uemedia or darnellworks.

The studio also has a Budweiser commercial that required the use of Massive 2.0, the same software that was developed and used to create the crowd scenes in The Lord of the Rings movies.