Fisher Tassajara Mountain Bike

If you check out Wikipedia's entry on the bicycle, you'll see two pictures of bikes: a road bike and a mountain bike. The mountain bike pictured there is none other than a Gary Fisher Tassajara (2003 model). That's right, my bike is representative of mountain biking. It was chosen. It is the archetype.

Now I'll pretend this is my online training journal for today's exercise; I generated an average of 200 watts at 95-105 rpms. There were times it was 180, and times when it was 220, and it doesn't really tell you the overall ride average so I'm guessing. I tried a burst at 372 watts, which is as high as the bike will go. I couldn't maintain that for more than 30 seconds. I rode for about 30 minutes, but only 20 counted for the test.