Georgia Tech Oscarweb vs. University of Florida ISIS

I cringe every time I need to log into UFL ISIS to check on my registration and status at UF. Georgia Tech's Oscarweb system wasn't perfect but ISIS is flat-out horrendous! It's literally the worst collection of colors, drop-boxes, and image-based buttons I've ever seen. There's no clear hierarchy for navigation, and a "helpful" list of sites contained in a drop box mostly take you to external sites. When you go to a new page you have to login again!

The Main Menu

Let's start with the first thing a user sees: the main menu. Hmm, where do we start with this. First off, for a menu, it's not so great. Why? Because your choices are hidden in giant combo boxes. Also, what's with the square buttons with circles in them that say Go beside the button. If you're going to make "fancy" buttons, write Go on them.

This is a little better. Tech's layout is consistent and you can see some of your options, along with descriptions of what lies beyond when you click the link.

Course Lookup and Registration Can you see this?. Look at the horrendous options: you can type--IN CAPS mind you!--the course number or type in the course name--in a really small box, yay. Or you can type in the beginning of a department name to find your course. Notice the long button which might as well contain the text of a short poem on it. It's also funny that the example section they show you is "English" when it clearly warns you to type "all in CAPS".

Tech's is much better. Lots of options, and one button to search them all.

Schedule To be fair, I printed the wrong screen. There is a crude 'daily planner' version of the schedule available on ISIS. Even so, I'm amazed at the 6th grade level HTML seen all over this "system". Look at the drop/add sections. They could just have a drop or add button, but chose to duplicate the input forms. This may have been an attempt at usability, supported further by the fact that adding courses is green and dropping them is red, which they may have thought suggested go and stop.

Here's the Oscarweb version of your schedule. You can view it in a couple formats.

Oscarweb is powered by SCT while ISIS is powered by Eagle (doesn't work).