Run America Like Lance

My goodness, there's no shortage of Lance-inspired posts here, unless you're coming to this page via a google query, in which case you don't really know what I'm talking about since the previous posts aren't nicely visible to you (yet).

And if you were president, and you had just seen more suicide bombs in London, wouldn't you say to your aides: "We have got to reduce our dependence on Middle East oil. We have to do it for our national security. We have to do it because only if we bring down the price of crude will these countries be forced to reform. And we should want to do it because it is clear that green energy solutions are the wave of the future, and the more quickly we impose a stringent green agenda on ourselves, the more our companies will lead innovation in these technologies." Instead, we are about to pass an energy bill that, while it does contain some good provisions, will make no real dent in our gasoline consumption, largely because no one wants to demand that Detroit build cars that get much better mileage. We are just feeding Detroit the rope to hang itself. It's assisted suicide. I thought people went to jail for that?

You can still get tens of thousands in tax deductions for purchasing large vehicles for business; hybrids are worth around $2,000 in deductions.

Learning from Lance.