Wife With Eyes Faster Than Lasers

If you could embed scanners into Michelle's eyes that fed into some computer, you could scan the entire 672 page Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in something like 6 hours. That might actually be faster than someone standing at a copier manually reproducing it page by page.

After we came home yesterday she found the package an d started reading it on the bed. I laid beside her and picked up Harrison's Farmer, which I've been reading for a week or so. Within minutes--no seconds--she was as far into her book as I was into mine, despite my enormous head start.

I try not to read near her too often as it destroys my airs of sophistication, leaving me with the realization that I read like a small child, at least those that aren't Potter fans and don't read too much.

I did finish my book before her though, then watched Part 1 of Lonesome Dove. The characters of Gus McRae, W.F. Call, and Deets are based on the real life personas of Oliver Loving, Charles Goodnight, and Boze Ikard, respectively. I didn't know this.