Running From Hurricane Dennis

We headed out today in the truck around 3 PM. We had a little under half a tank of gas. All gas in the Niceville/Destin/Ft. Walton Beach area was gone. Crestview pumps were also out, little yellow bags covering all nozzles at any gas station you passed. The Shell station had gas, but had raised prices over $0.20 in a day up to $2.49 cents for regular.

I decided to drive on to Laurel Hill. That Tom Thumb was out of gas, so I reluctantly headed onward to Florala. Even up there pump lines were long. I pulled in, 4th in line. A fancy looking man in a Chrysler 300M (Hemi, of course) swiftly backed in to the pump ahead of me and blocked the Suburban that was trying to move out of my way. Nervous jerk. The station was out of regular so I had to pump Premium. A farmer at the pump opposite me was filling 5 tanks for his generator with this premium.

Traffic up 65 was ridiculous, but we missed most of it because we took 331. In Montgomery we were stuck in traffic for over an hour, but once we got to 85 things went fine.

The path of the hurricane is ridiculously close to us even now (I keep hoping to see some drift in these forecasts). This sucks.