Salt Lake City Trip Day 1

I didn't really anticipate having internet access while we were out here so I'll take advantage of the situation and go ahead and log some trip details, while they're fresh.

Spent an hour waiting at the Val-p airport before flying to Atlanta. Our stop there was for 2 hours. It was so much easier flying places directly from Atlanta--being down in Florida seems to add an extra $100 and 3 hours to any trip you want to take.

Watched Hitch on the flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake City. After that they played some King of Queens so it was apparently a Kevin James day.

The highest peak outside SLC still has snow on it. It's cloudy and has been drizzling intermittently. It's pretty green here, lots of nice lawns and mountain vistas. We had some free spaghetti at the manager's reception in the hotel lobby.

There's a Barnes and Noble across the street so Michelle and I walked over there for some cake and coffee. We realized earlier today that it's our one year anniversary since starting work, and more importantly, promotion time. Big Poppa Chris beat us to it, but we're coming on strong now.

Tomorrow's a business day so not much will happen but after that we get to do the vacation part of this trip.