Christmas and the Homemade Tonneau

I'm looking forward to a long weekend in Atlanta. Family, friends, and playing catch-up with all the movies we haven't gone to see yet.

We've got a lot to take up to Atlanta in the truck and it's supposed to rain. I could use a tarp, but they blow so much and are prone to corners coming loose (at least when I'm in charge of the knots and loops). We have some 8 foot sections of plywood from an old king size waterbed that I'm going to screw together in an effort to fashion a tonneau. It will also be interesting to see how that affects the gas mileage (I've always wondered if it's worth the cost of those things).

The site now supports RSS syndication. When an article or a blog is published, the feed is regenerated. This was intended for a later release of blur6ex but it comes early. I'm looking at what can be done with an Atom feed now, as well as ways to prevent comment spam.