Sipping a Venti Starbucks (Musing on Calories, Sirens, and Logos)

Well, I finally redeemed my Starbucks frequent visitor card after 5 tall coffees. It's quite cool that even if all you bought was 5 Tall coffees they'll let you redeem it for a Tall or a Venti. I chose the Venti, just like the first time. It's delicious.

Some tidbits on Starbucks coffee, while we're on the subject.

Nutritional information. A Tall coffee has about 5 calories. Of course, you can wreck that depending on your fondness for cream and sugar.

The Starbucks Siren (aka Starbucks logo or Starbucks woman). The logo evolved from an old image of a siren holding up her twin tails, like this:

Starbucks used her hair to cover her chest (but there's still a tell-tale wave in the hair), but in early logos the belly button still showed. The current logo is cropped more at the bottom so that the belly isn't visible.