Probably the Most Annoying Thing and Some Good Things

Here are some things that please me greatly or bother me immensely.

Good thing: Falling asleep naturally. It happens right after work sometimes, maybe while watching TV. For Michelle, it happens on the way to work, the way home from work, and after work. It feels great to have the time to drift off when your body obviously wants it.

Annoying thing: Having to go to sleep. For some reason I feel awake after 8PM. Yet around that time, no matter how I'm feeling, I need to get ready for bed or I'm going to feel like crap in the morning.

Good thing: Chips with "too much" flavoring. I like pulling out the overly orange Cheddar Baked Lays. Same goes for Cool Ranch Doritos. More flavor, more betters.

Annoying thing: Pulling the cord on your headphones. OMG this kills me. I'll be running and my hand will snag the cable to my headphones and they'll pull on my head and ears. Or I'll be sitting at work and when I push back in my chair or go to grab something they'll catch. When this happens I feel like lashing out, but since nobody's around there's nothing to do. Plus I'm afraid of looking like Napoleon Dynamite when he kicks his leg into the air after being pushed against the locker. Gosh, Frickin IDIOT! I say, with crooked headphones.

Annoying thing: Back pain. Comes up from time to time, and it's so lame, especially if you have to sit through work all day.

Good thing: Michelle walking across the parking lot towards me after work. Time to go home.