BluePoint Fish Club

We haven't tried a lot of the restaurants that are in the Destin Commons shopping center, but we have been to the Bluepoint Fish Club twice in the last 2 months. It has a nicely decorated interior, pretty much like anything you'd find in Atlanta, but something that sets it apart in this area, which is populated with smaller, mom-and-pop restaurants.

The menu is one sheet--one half is food, the other is loaded with just drinks. It's apparently a popular drinking hangout, but, like most places, they don't put prices on the alcohol. Maybe I'm out of tune with alcohol prices (this is likely), but suffice it to say we could have bought a 6-pack of Guinness and a few bottles of something for the price we paid on our two drinks.

The food is excellent. I had some jumbo shrimp the first time and a Po' Boy from the bar menu the second time.

At Starbucks afterward (Starbucks coffee is wicked cheap compared to alcohol) we waited in line and I was pleased to hear Coldplay's X&Y playing. I think I was sort of moving to the music while I filled my cup with sugar and cream because people looked at me like I was Willy the Jackass.