Coolhunter, Polaroid-o-nizer, Gataga and More

Most of these come from scanning the daily delicious popular.

Coolhunter covers interesting developments in design, music, travel, books, and more. The site has a great layout.

Polaroid-o-nizer takes a regular photo and adds some border and text to it so that it looks like a Polaroid picture.

Gataga searches bookmarklets from all sorts of places. It looks exactly like Google, even the About page.

Wors t project ever.

5 Things Learned in business school. If I went I hope I'd learn more than five things.

Is Linux for losers?. I love Linus's reply:

Torvalds, via e-mail, says De Raadt is "difficult" and declined to comment further.

YubNub is a commandline interface to the web. Interesting.