Dual Bolens Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mowers

When our neighbor moved out he left his little Bolens Briggs Stratton lawnmower by the curb for trash pickup. I pulled it into our garage under the cover of night (even though he was trashing it, it felt like I was a filthy little theiveing Orcses).

The pull starter was jammed but I was able to take it apart and...well, I'm not sure I did much...then put it back together and then it started. It blew tons of oil and smoke out of the engine exhaust but it was running.

So then we had two, since his model was the same as ours, utilizing the mighty 4.0 HP Briggs & Stratton Sprint Engine.

After the most recent storms and TS Arlene, our lawn has been seriously overgrown. When Buzzle uses his doggy door to go outside he comes in with many small creatures that have apparently hopped from their perches atop towering weeds to ride his shiny gray coat.

Michelle and I fired up the engines this morning and applied the principles of dual processing to our lawn, completing the task in less than half the time (she mows faster than me).

I thought this post might be going somewhere. Apparently it's just going to be about mowing the lawn speedily. To extend the embarrassment, I've done this before.