Waste Management is Trash

Our trash can is like R2D2 in that it takes a lot of beatings. Last fall I had to use construction-grade glue to attach one of the wheels after the trash guys gave it a beatin'. More recently, the lid began to detach. I returned one day to find the lid completely torn from the hinge after trash pickup.

It's a pain to use it like this (it blows off, rain gets in, etc) so I decided it was time to use the service number printed on the sticker that's on the lid.

I called and set up a time for a replacement. The service person said to expect a replacement within a week. A week passed and it never came.

So Michelle called them, a little pissed. She set up another time and threatened them. They seemed eager to please. Still nothing.

So I decided to contact Waste Management via email, since the phone techs were obviously inept, hoping that it would be routed around and elicit some response. Nothing.

These people are idiots. At the very least you'd think the guys that pick up the trash would notice the very obvious way I toss our completely shredded lid off to the side on pickup day. Acutally, you'd think they'd remember severing it in the first place and maybe make a note to fix it. At least R2 gets his repairs.