Link Tracing or Degrees of Separation

I was reading kottke when I found an interesting link about ignorant Creationists. The author is Richard Dawkins, and I'd seen his books at the library. Checking out an interview with Richard Dawkins, I saw that he was the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford. That was interesting because I'd heard of Simonyi as one of the early guys at Microsoft that developed the Hungarian notation in programming. He also attended a meeting with Bill Gates of a Mac presentation given by Steve Jobs back in the 80's, and what they saw inspired them to develop Windows. Further still, Dawkins is the guy that coined the term meme, which brian used to use extensively back in 2002.

The point of this post? It was just a things-coming-together series of tidbits that doesn't come across well in this medium, with these words. But I'm pressing Submit anyway.