Musical Musings

In Simple Plan's Untitled video there's a cool effect where when the two cars collide you see the effect of the collision from the perspective of the victim's loved ones; at the moment of impact the mother, father, brother/boyfriend get thrown around the house as if involved in the impact. Interesting.

Next up we have System of a Down's B.Y.O.B, which is the worst song I've ever heard. This singer is melodic one moment (sorta) and then quipping and screaming the next. His voice never matches the music in the background. It's like he's an imposter that broke into the studio and started singing broken opera to metal music--and they didn't throw him out. update Their song Spiders just came on. Why does this guy's voice bounce and quiver like he's riding over a washboard? He makes me throw up a little.

The All American Reject's Time Stands Still is pretty good. What I can't figure out is when Tom Welling started this band. I don't feel like posting pictures or links, so you might not know what I'm talking about.