Seaside Florida

Mom and Jim came down this weekend for the first time since last July, when we still had quite a few boxes left to unpack. It's easy to lose track of all the changes various people have seen between visits; for Mom the wood floors, the carpet, the paint in nearly all rooms, and most decorations were new.

We had lunch at the Boathouse, sitting outdoors on the deck. A live band was somewhere downstairs playing, but only the bass drifted up to us. It was like eating a decent dinner in the vicinity of a hardcore rap concert. So, you enjoying that mom? boom-baboom-boom why yes i am sonny boom-boom chicka-chickaaa.

We watched tons of Friends episodes afterward and talked. That show can inspire such laughs. I have grand plans of one day editing myself into episodes, maybe as just some creepy extra that laughs in the background.

The next day we drove to Seaside just east of Destin and walked around the shops and neighborhood. It's a pedestrian-friendly town, and there's interesting architecture to take in. There are little tree groves where you can find big Adirondack chairs painted with unique themes. They're great to just sit in.

Walked around the beach near Ft. Walton the next day and had awesome sno cones in the park at old town.