Blistered Hands and Leyland Cypress

Saturday we dropped a small fortune for a cartload of Leyland Cypress trees (10 babies and 1...toddler? 10 small and 1 medium.) and mulch and some nice Japanese maples.

The Leylands can grow about 3 feet a year, which should be sufficient to block out our annoying neighbors in a short time. We planted a larger one in the opposite corner with the aim of getting it really big to block those neighbors and also their rusted-out shed.

The ground was uncommonly hard along the row we planted the little cypresses. As a result I have huge transluscent blisters on my thumb and palm. Maybe I don't use a shovel right, or maybe cubicles make me soft.

After the work we decided to drive to Carrabba's in Pensacola . It was nice chatting with Michelle along the way and during dinner. Afterward we grabbed a free Frosty from Wendy's and browsed Barnes and Noble. I wish they'd move some of those types of stores/restaurants to the 'View, but at least the drive there is pure highway.

Relaxed Sunday and had a couple of friends over for what was supposed to be a cookout. It rained and so we wielded a George Foreman grill instead. And now it's now, and work's tomorrow.

Browsing around and just saw the Ford Fusion. It looks pretty good, kinda reminds me of the Cadillac CTS.

Last night I was driving around and a song came on the radio that sounded pretty good, had some catchy orchestral component. Once it was over the DJ came on and said "that was the new Backstreet Boys.." It was then that I laughed at myself, and cried a little.