Mowing, Landscaping, and a Homemade Tonneau

Saturday morning we finished watching What the Bleep do we Know!? and comforted Buzzle, who was shivering from all the thunder outside. Once it let up a bit, which was around noon, we drove to Moe's in Destin for lunch. After that we read some books at Barnes and Noble and I kept staring at the Line That Would Not Get Shorter; it never did and so I missed a cup of coffee. After that we made our way to the mall and grabbed a fruit limeade from Sonic.

Today was much better in terms of weather. After making some Morningstar Farms sausage croissants and mini bagel breakfast sandwiches, we went out to mow the overgrown lawn. I'm glad our previous neighbor left his mower and that I was able to repair it. Michelle took ours to the front yard and I mowed the back yard. It was a 2-for-the-price-of-1 mowing bonanza. After that Michelle wanted me to redo our little planting island. We bought some DuPont weed control fabric and had to pick up all the white marble rocks and weeds and then lay that down. Pain in the ass, but then so is picking weeds, which I hopefully won't have to do now.

This weekend play-by-play is getting a bit long. Anyway, after that I decided I'd try to throw together my homemade half bed tonneau. I got the idea from an old General Motors patent. If it saves me money I might make a fancier one (the model I made today has a bunch of frickin' screws pointing out everywhere). The idea is fascinating to me: it will apparently improve aerodynamics more than a real tonneau would, it's cheap, and it's easy to take out and set against the wall in the garage. update More here on MPG.

Finally, Michelle made an awesome dinner and it was great being called in for that.