Saturday Morning

Woke up at the crack of dawn and started getting ready to take Michelle to Pensacola for the GMAT. Threw the bike (actually, I carefully placed it) in the back of the truck and decided to try the trails at UWF.

After getting my sweetie situated at the test center I took off to Barnes and Noble for some morning reading and coffee. I sat down in a big, plush chair--nobody was there; I don't usually get a nice chair--and proceeded to spill my frickin' coffee on my white shirt. I walked around soiled, a circular brown stain on my side.

Michelle called me to let me know she was ahead of schedule, so I left to go try the trails.

The trailhead was easy to find, near the water tower just like they said at mtbr. I started out going down a hill, but quickly ran into a stream with logs. I was crossing on foot, carrying my bike, when I noticed a snake sitting by the water. I backed off, hoping he'd slither away, but he was chillin in the sun. After some time, I stepped past him.

The trail was basically a utility road, but eventually dropped off into some singletrack. It was fast, but I kept running into areas where giant trees were fallen across the path or places where water had washed away the bridges. I'd take care getting past the obstacles, then get back up to speed.

I finally broke from the treeline and came upon a much larger creek. I struggled to find a way across, all the while listening to some odd bird? beaver? making noises on the other side. I couldn't see whatever it was. I figured after making it over that I'd make my way back to the main road. I was near powerlines and figured the campus was back that way. I crossed a few more boggy areas only to come up to one huge swampy area. I couldn't make it across this one. I checked my watch. I had about 15 minutes until Michelle would be done. I reluctantly turned back and faced all those things I had just crossed. Going back was faster as I had more confidence, and once I hit the trail again I pumped it back to the truck. The snake was gone when I came to the first creek. I was also really winded.

Then we ate spaghetti at Fazolis off I-10. When you go to a Fazoli's you always wonder if they'll be generous with the breadsticks, and luckily this one was.

Rented a few $0.99 movies from Movie Gallery tonight as they're having a promo special for all new releases.