Sore Neck and Booster Action

Yesterday I had my Td booster. I had feared this, remembering stories from my childhood. I was surprised, sitting there on the table, when I looked at my shoulder and the needle was already in. When the nurse pulled it out I looked away, as a courtesy to her (I do this when the Moe's people mess up my burritos, hopefuly they won't be as nervous) and felt some fluid run down my arm. I think my body rejected the injection.

My arm feels fine today, but my neck is stiff. How I fel l asleep with my chin against my sternum I do not know, but I've been doing full-body turns all day. That's right; when someone comes into the office or I need to look to the left or right in the car, I turn my whole body, robot-like.

Michelle cooked some great soup tonight. We pulled out an old CD from 1994 (Kelly Willis), one that I didn't even like much back then, and had a good time listening to it and being busy in the kitchen.

Odd fact: the walls in my work building have asbestos buried in them (serpentine or amphibole, I do not know). There are signs saying Do Not Puncture Walls. For all the great properties of asbestos--the reasons it was used in the first place--I'd hate to develop mesothelioma down the road. The paint in the building is globbed on in thick, caky layers to prevent this and a barrage of class action lawsuits.

Lawsuits. Lawyers. Miracle drugs. First Merck with its Vioxx problems, recalls, stock plunges, and now Pfizer with Celebrex.