The things we collect during our lifetimes. The old guy in Orlando had Coca Cola 75th Anniversary glasses, old tools, an old HP calculator complete with manual, and a Clint Black tape.

Years down the road I'll be having a yard sale myself, and things will be mostly the same. I'll have Starbucks mugs, old tools, my trusty TI-86 that Michelle bought for me for the SAT, and a Clint Black CD, because the classics never change.

This week we've been driving two vehicles to work since Michelle's got a class. Then, after work, she studies for the GMAT. I watch Napoleon Dynamite and make good coffee (I should make it in the morning, but I'm always running late. The stuff at work sucks so bad I make up for it after work).

I spent a good deal of time today coming up with a regex to match URLs, those that begin with http:// and simpler ones like Regular expressions are something I always forget since I don't write them often. So when it comes time to create one I find a good regex tutorial--there aren't many, actually--and start playing around. It's one area of programming that doesn't feel like it at all; it's more like solving a puzzle, moving pieces around till you get a match.

I'll be updating this site to 0.2 as soon as we put out the patch (which will include that new URL detection code).

Looking forward to Coldplay's new album.