Weekend in Orlando

Any weekend that starts with 4 people, a kid, and a mini chihuahua piling into a super-sexy Honda Accord is destined for success.

This is our story, told by the people who lived it.

The drive down was nice. There were some clouds and patches of wet asphalt, but the heavy rains from the previous day were mostly gone. Signs on the Florida's Turnpike advertised TCBY yogurt, so we stopped hoping to get some, only to find out that Starbucks took over all the TCBY spots, and the people that maintain the signs never replaced them. It doesn't make sense; somebody went out there and added the Starbucks sign but left the TCBY one up. Frickin IDIOTS! GOSH!

We tried this two times. I like Starbucks so I had some of that, but then when I was adding some gas to the starving car a gust of wind blew the cup off the car and onto my foot. A giant plume of coffee shot up and stained my shirt. The sun was bright orange in the sky and I felt like I was in a movie, only I play an idiot in this movie and stupid stuff happens to me.

Nobody in the car saw this. We rolled on.

After getting checked in, we went to go get something to eat. We drove up I-Drive and, since the ladies were clamoring for food, pulled into Houlihans as it was one of the first places we saw. Chris called it Hooligans, but he must be forgiven. We had checked on Bahama Breeze before that but the wait was an hour and a half.

Our waiter at Houlihans was a doofus. You could lean over and request things from him as he passed by but he wouldn't hear you, so you were just left hanging.

The next day Michelle and I did have Bahama Breeze. The coconut-covered onion ring appetizer was excellent. She got the margherita pizza with a good salad and I had a kebob. Also some Bahamaritas. All good.

We mainly went so that I could see Orlando (Michelle goes on business trips there) and so that I could take her to some of the malls and stores. The Mall at Millenia was the best; any mall that has an Apple store is bound to be good. I got some work shirts since I've been wearing the same ones for almost a year.

We drove through an upscale neighborhood and stopped at a couple of yard sales. It's a weird thing do to on vacation, but it's fun.

Saw a side-impact collision on Sand Lake near the Barnes and Noble. Don't think anybody got hurt, but it looked bad. We were just seconds behind it, so we didn't see it happen but it was pretty fresh.

The point is, there was lots of good food and fun things to do.