Global Away Message

Heading to Orlando tomorrow for sundry activities.

For now, a massive storm is stirring in the west. Buzzle is scared and keeps close to my leg, following me from room to room.

The Tiffany jewelry we ordered off eBay came in and looks really good for fake stuff. The guy selling it was banned from eBay, but not before I got the package. After getting that message I was worried they were never sent or something, or would be horribly fake. They are good fakes. Maybe they're real.

Today I worked on integrating FCKeditor into blur6ex. It's a bit heavyweight (for me), but I can see how it would be useful. Besides, it's a lot of fun to integrate other people's code. Usually I hate it, especially when the language is C++ or something, but PHP is extremely easy to develop in. Also had fun a few months ago getting Ran Aroussi's PHP Trackback working with my blog.

The sandcruiser site led me to Metaefficient today, which is fun to read.