Layers of Dirt

Thanks to all the magical manipulations of time we mandate, the sun is still high in the sky after work. I took advantage of this after work and washed the car and truck. The truck is interesting because you forget just how white it is. I had a pretty constant film of dirt on it and was able to swipe it away as if I were on some Oxy Clean commercial or something, leaving a bright white trail.

Now it can glimmer and gleam the cube. I will style in it to work tomorrow, on the lookout for Big Poppa Chris.

Spent some time reading my old Emerson book last night. The pages smell sweet, a combination of the air from Mom's house, where the book sat for years, and the original Media Play new-book smell. Takes you back when you turn the page and it acts as a little fan, blowing a bit in your face.

Ants love the sandy soil here. It's like playing smash the moles at Chuck E. Cheese's; I poison a pile and they emerge 10 feet away. Sly dogs, they're growing on me. Maybe they can stay.

How is it 10 already?