I'm full from the delicious apple cobbler Michelle cooked up tonight. The house smells good and we've got a cool breeze coming in through the living room. Buzzle likes to stand by the screen door and sniff outside. It's like he's too lazy to actually walk out but does enjoy the fragrances...

...of fresh-cut grass and weeds. I mowed for the first time since last fall this morning. It was mostly weeds, which have popped up 2 feet high in some places. The torrential rains that have kept us house-ridden have something to do with it.

Spent the sunny afternoon in Pensacola. Drove by UWF to find the GMAT test center, walked Cordova mall, sampled some guacamole chips and wine at World Market, and wasted away a good hour or two at Barnes and Noble reading and sipping coffee. Barnes and Noble is like the internet in physical form. I take it to extremes, running quickly between aisles and browsing, putting books back, and refreshing my screen with Starbuck's.

Lots of deaths this weekend. Terry Schiavo, the Pope, and the comedian who pops up on my playlist quite a bit, Mitch Hedberg.

The rains last week kept me from stopping by Jackson Guard to get a pass, otherwise today and yesterday would have been great biking days, where the water has had a chance to drain, anyway.