NuSOAP and Google Web Services API

The problem mentioned in the previous post was fixed promptly this morning when I reverted from NuSOAP 1.81 to 1.80. The search box is on the left and can be used to perform a Google site: search for

Also incorporated htmlentities() into the post processing functions of the blog to avoid malicious HTML.

Michelle and I--after much circumnavigation--ate at the new Moe's in Ft. Walton Beach for dinner. Despite the amateurish Joey wrappers still learning the ways of Moe (one woman even got a burrito made as if it were a quesadilla) it was really good. This Moe's actually had a line; the one in Destin never gets very busy.

Our portable Initial DVD player that we bought from Circuit City is hooked into our RF converter box so that we can watch it on the TV in our room. The movie's about to start. Hasta manana.