Let's Just Do It

I've been hesitant to post as nothing new has happened and I hate relegating my posts to daily status reports, though that is of some use to me historically.

Last weekend was dark, humid, full of rain and thunder. Yesterday, driving home from work, the sun was bursting in the sky, laughing at me for having sat in a cubicle under fluorescent light all the livelong day.

Last Friday we took care of business, getting Buzzle his vaccinations and having the F-150's tires rotated. I could have sworn the mechanic said he tightened the lug nuts to 100 ft-lb when they're supposed to be 150 ft-lb. I checked at home and they seemed okay though. I guess if the wheels fall off I can smack them repeatedly with my receipt.

We rented The Forgotten and Motorcycle Diaries and watched those during the weekend. We're waiting on the new couch to get in so we can pick that up also. Watching movies and playing Halo 2 while sitting in an upright dinner chair is not so much fun.

At work, it's more LAUNCHcast for me, with tons of LAUNCHcast-plus-three-bucks-a-month commericals thrown in.