Muy Frustrado

Left work early to go to a doctor's appointment. Had Moe's and shopped at Destin Commons afterward. Frickin cold. Michelle found some pretty suits from Ann Taylor and United Colors of Bennetton.

I've been stumped on NuSOAP and the Google APIs for many hours now. I'm following almost every example I can find out there but I can't get PHP to understand that the resultElements index is actually there. When I use print_r on the result returned from the SOAP call I can see the results are there, and the resultElements index is there too. But when I try to iterate and print the URLs and site snippets PHP complains that the indices don't exist.

There's hardly anything on this on the web or groups either. I had an older version of NuSOAP but now I'm at 1.81 and the problem persists.

Anyway, when I get this I'll have a cool search implemented, powered by Google.