Weekend Roundup

Slept a lot Friday. Had our taxes prepared at Jackson Hewitt in Wal-Mart Saturday morning. The Wal-Mart in Crestview is undergoing big changes and will soon include a Subway restaurant. It's like the place to be in Crestivew, sadly. To create an analogy, Wal-Mart::Crestview what Atlantic Station::Atlanta. We picked up The Incredibles on DVD after our taxes were done and went home and watched it...for the first time.

Saturday morning we had some apple cobbler and ice cream with the Hughes family.

Changed the Accord's oil, checked the fluids, sprayed ArmorAll on the bushings, and aired the tires. The oil filter had somehow become very stuck and my ratchet attachment wasn't getting it off due to the Purolator filter being a bit too small. I improvised, as I am wont to do in MacGyver fashion, using a small piece of fine-grained sandpaper folder on itself to create a high-friction wedge. This gave the ratchet grip and got the filter turning.

After that we went to McGuire's Irish Pub to eat dinner with Trish and Al. It's an interesting place. A Jack Black look-alike plays a banjo, people kiss the moose, and drunk guys keep repeating "I love you!" to everyone that passes by. On the way to the car I witnessed a drunk girl press her bare chest against the window of Wyland's art studio. When we got up to the window where they had been I thought we might see something inside, but it was just paintings. Poor drunks.

Read some books at Barnes and Noble afterward in Destin.

Then today we went swimming at Hurlburt in the bubble pool. Had some Papa John's pizza. Actually, I had a whole pizza, so some isn't the right word. Took a three-hour nap.

Things are looking up in terms of getting back on my beloved 2003 Fisher Tassajara. I plan on getting a pass from the Jackson Guard and then hitting Timber Lake this weekend.