Back from Las Vegas

The return is anticlimactic. It is an impedance mismatch.

The trip was great. We arrived to moist weather and proceeded to drive a Chevy Impala through the misty and low-hanging clouds to the Grand Canyon. We spent two nights at the Maswik Lodge and spent a lot of time walking around and riding the shuttles. Unlike last time, we never left the park, eating every night at the cafeteria within the hotel. I read a lot of The Memory of Running, and it was cool because parts of Smithy Ide's travels brought him through Ash Fork and Kingman, both places that we passed through coming in.

The drive back to Las Vegas was nice. I stopped at a gas station in Williams, AZ that had gas for $0.20 lower than any of the others (the others were closer to the highway). We ate at McDonald's in Kingman.

We spent an hour trying to check in at The Orleans, as Travelocity (or The Orleans) had failed to process our reservation for the second room. Michelle had a friendly chat with a service rep in India and we eventually got it worked out.

Las Vegas is easy to drive around. It's a grid and the street names are memorable (Tropicana, Rainbow, Flamingo, Sahara, etc). We spent a lot of time doing the regular, touristy things, but we also drove to Red Rock Canyon and certain areas in Las Vegas that were fun to see. We walked the cactus gardens near the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and had root beer floats at the A&W in Boulder City, just outside the Hoover Dam.

Saw Dad every night for a little while. Wished we had more time but it was nice. The last night we all visited in their condo and had Renee's apple cobbler.

Until I add more details and do the trip justice, check out the pictures.