That last post was supposed to be it until I got back, but I figured I'd make one more before flying out tomorrow (we have to wake up in less than 5 hours).

Today turned out to be a nice, sunny day. Michelle and I went jogging/walking at the park near the library in Jonesboro. They recently finished a new leg of the trail and we explored it. A creek runs along portions of the paved trail, and the leaves have fallen off all the trees, so you can see deep into the forest.

Bought new phones from Sam's. They're Motorola C650 models. They have a camera and are relatively modern. We're always a generation behind with out phones. Used mine to make some free long distance calls, which is something my old one wouldn't let me do.

Tonight Michelle watched Las Vegas (that CSI show I think) and it turned out to be the same episode we watched 1 year ago while we were visiting my Dad in Las Vegas. How coincidental.

The truck got 20.8 MPG on the way up here, even with a 100-150 pounds of cargo, some of it interrupting the airflow in the bed. Of course, I drove slow (annoyingly slow Michelle says), going around 55-65 most of the way. The times I've made the trip going 75, I've averaged 18 MPG.

Being on break is great. I miss that about school. You can really slow down and do the things that you love doing. It's a natural way to be, free of the imposed schedule of work and business.

Ford's main vehicles page has been showcasing how the Five Hundred and the Freestyle have both received 5-star crash test ratings from all 4 sides. Usually it's just Honda and sometimes Toyota up in that area.

Enjoy your day.