Saving a bird after it hit a window

Michelle's working the wards this month, so we're often up before the sun. I walk the dogs while she drives to work. This morning I spent a little more time than usual strolling and letting the dogs sniff all the things club-goers dropped on the ground last night, enjoying the suddenly cool temperature and low humidity.

As I was approaching the entrance to our building I heard a noise above and then saw a bird fall on the sidewalk twenty feet away. The dogs were naturally excited. Fitz sat down; he knows I give him things when he sits patiently.

I assumed the bird died but noticed its feet, pointed toward the sky, twitching slowly as we passed.

I fed the dogs and put them in our bedroom so they wouldn't freak out about me leaving and went back downstairs to try and move the bird. I couldn't find a shoebox but I had a Godiva bag with some tissue paper in it.

Luckily no dogs had been out since we had come up; the bird was just a few feet from the door and would be the first thing any dog saw on its walk. Good morning!

The bird was back on its feet but seemed stunned and wouldn't fly. I moved the bag towards its body and managed to get it inside.

I brought the bag upstairs and set it on the balcony. I didn't touch the bird but sanitized enthusiastically after this, just to be safe.

A couple hours later, it flew away into the tree next door. Happy ending.